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"Life is too short to pursue only one subject, when there are some many out there to be captured – the possibilities are endless." – Susan Bondor


Susan Bondor was born in coal mining city of Tatabanya, Hungary and lives in Surrey, BC. She showed talent in drawing and art at an early age. Took drawing lessons from two different artists from the age of 12 until her early 20s. In the 1980s she showcased her paintings, drawings, silkscreen prints and photographs at various group exhibitions over several years in Tatabanya, Tata, Tokaj and Budapest in Hungary.

Susan left Hungary in 1987 and lived in Austria for a year, before immigrating to Canada. She lived in Grand Prairie, Alberta for a year. She moved to Vancouver in 1989, then to Surrey shortly after.

Susan enjoyed going to Langara College between 2008-2012 where she took Photography classes under Continuing Studies.

Since her daughter is all grown up Susan decided to open her own photography studio in 2017 in the Port Kells area of Surrey. Where she is looking forward to create new images and pursue new opportunities.

"Susan Bondor’s work is a captivating blend of concept, story telling and personal matters. Her images portrait a sense that bad things are to happen. Her subjects appear to live on the fringe, outsiders who inhabit a world that is dark and disturbing. The images convey a strong sense of alienation and isolation and resonate with a sense of dread. Bondor’s sense of story can’t help but make the viewer wonder what transpired in the scene just before the shutter clicked, and ponder what is about to happen next. You are left with the inescapable feeling and a terrible foreboding that doom and all manner of dark things lay just beyond the edge of the frame." Vince Hemmingson


2017 Bondor Photography Studio


2012 Professional Photography, Langara College, Vancouver, Canada
1981 Window Display and Design, Budapest, Hungary



2010 ARTS 2010 - Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC
2009 ARTS 2009 - Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC



2010 - 1st Place in category of Photography and New Media at the ARTS 2010, Surrey Art Gallery
2010 - Winner of Merit Award at the Lotus Awards, British Columbia
2009 - 1st Place Print Winner at the Photo Expo, Surrey Photography Club, Surrey, BC

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