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Photo Restoration

Photo restoration as a custom work. It’s done by real caring artists. Every job is unique.

Quotes are made by considering the amount of damage or the amount of retouching required. To request a quote please send us your image(s). Quotes are valid for 10 days.


Self Scanning Specs
  • Place image in the middle of the clean glass

  • First preview image

  • Crop image to the edges and scan

  • Scan all images as colour

  • Turn off all filters when scanning

  • Minimum resolution 1200dpi

  • Name File: yourname-month-date-year.tiff

  • Save image as tiff

  • Provide access to image by Dropbox / Google Docs etc.


In House Scanning

Mail your image(s) to us. There is a handling/packaging and postal fee when returning image(s) after scanning is done.

Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Rates

Minimum Charge: CND $85/plus taxes when applicable.

Average Cost: CND $185/plus taxes when applicable.

Difficult Images Starting at CND $250/plus taxes when applicable.


Online Payment Methods

PayPal and eTransfer.


We start the restoration after receiving full payment.

Estimated turnaround time is between 10-15 business days.


Restored digital files are provided as downloads on Dropbox. Print image(s) at your local professional printing service.



No refunds. We will work very hard to restore your image(s) until your are satisfied within reason. 


We will inform you in advance, if the image is blurry, extreme fading, or if it is far too damaged by mold, crackling or wrinkles to get reasonably good quality results. With our assessment information in mind you can make a decision, if you would like to proceed at your own risk with the retouching.

Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
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